• July 30th, 2018

Menya MUSASHI is one of the most popular ramen restaurant many people stand in line in Tokyo.

Their Ramen and Tsukemen made from seafood and pork soup are very popular and tasty.

And only the Shinjuku main store has vegan ramen.

Vegan soy sauce ramen :1000 yen

Green onions, menma (chinese bamboo), and Kuruma-fu.

Kuruma-fu is a kind of yaki-fu(baked wheat gluten) cut in ring-shaped slice.

Sometimes vegetarian cook use it instead of meat.

☆Soup stock(guess)
Maybe veg broth and mushroom.

I felt this ramen is really light and sweet, and low in sodium.

Very mild.

So finally I added Nama-Shichimi(Japanese spice).

Today, the temperature went about 35 degrees in tokyo.

I was very sweaty.

So it was one of the reason I felt sweet, maybe.

Enjoy !!

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