• August 3rd, 2018

I enjoyed Vegan Ramen at “AFURI”, Ebisu, Tokyo.

AFURI is one of the most popular ramen restaurant many people stand in line in Tokyo, Yokohama, TOMAMU Resorts(Hokkaido),  and  Portland.

Their popular ramen is made from chicken, seafood, kelp and aromatic vegetables and main topping is grilled pork.

There is also vegan ramen.

Rainbow Vegan  Ramen :1,480 yen

Seasonal vegetables.
Today’s topping were zucchini, watermelon radish, carrot, and leaf.

☆Noodles are thin.

☆Soup stock
Vegetables, and dry tomato in olive oil.
I felt a flavor of celery.

This ramen is so good, like the Asian ethnic food.

Vegan Ramen is not available at some branchs (ex. Roppongi Hills)

Enjoy !!

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